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Beyond InnocenceBeyond Innocence
Erin Fox
Wings ePress Inc

Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

During May in Alberta, Canada Tate Barton is beaten, shot and thrown from a cliff. His wife Faye and her lover have decided to rid themselves of both Tate and Philadelphia police officer Sam Riven.

Before long a fallen hiker is found by a family out for a hike. The hiker is badly hurt, but alive. When he awakens in a trauma unit he is befriended by Marnie Grant a physiotherapist. The hiker's memory is gone, his recovery is slow. He and Marnie settle upon the name Luke until/if his memory returns. Marnie takes him home, Luke has no where else to go.

In Philadelphia Faye and Calvin continue to search for the money they are sure Tate has hidden away while Elsie Riven and Police officer Pete Gruber ponder what has become of both Sam and Tate. The pair seemed unlikely friends. Tate owns clubs populated with girls having shaky pasts while Sam is a law officer. What Tate has done with the money his clubs and activities of his 'girls' bring in surprise everyone and are sure to surprise the reader as well. At last Marnie, Luke and Tate's son Tanner begin to see a little light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.

Talented author Fox presents a commanding, suspense filled read in her work "Beyond Innocence". Via the inceptive story line found on the pages of Beyond Innocence we are offered a momentary view into a environment most of us can only suppose. Writer Fox has set down an intensely real assemblage of particulars fixed against an environment filled with absorbing characters and compelling, plausible dialogue, as well as an opulent piquancy for time and setting. The main plot is augmented with sub plot, transitions are handled with skill. "Beyond Innocence" is an impressive read certain to hook the reader from the opening lines and hold them fast right down to the last paragraph as the reader is carried along on a rollicking artifice filled ride. Conflict presented by this clever writer moves the tale along sustaining the book from beginning to end as the reader tries to sort out all the deception, complicity and trickery. Motivation for behavior of the various characters is both reasonable and logical, the reader will find himself cheering Marnie, loathing Calvin and Faye with equal venom, and hoping the best for Sam, Luke and Tate. Climax of the tale is acceptable; the conclusion presented by writer Fox is a natural outcome following the circumstances presented.

Main characters come alive as we read. Tate Barton is a real crumb bum, or is he? Marnie the dutiful Pastor's kid kicks loose from the guilt ridden angst her widowed mother continues to heap upon her in a creditable, satisfying manner. Faye and Calvin deserve one another. Watch for red herrings. The reader may be surprised to learn all the facts presented during the final pages. Filled with twists and turns, plots and machination "Beyond Innocence" is a narrative sure to intrigue the most discerning reader.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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