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Moods in MotionMoods in Motion
Robert Jude Forese
Publish America
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Entertaining Read ... Recommended 5 stars

The stanzas open with a lyrical work: You in You: ‘I see you in everything But what I love the most Is to see you in you.’ The reader experiences the bitter sorrow of Poisoned Pen, the binary love of Savior’s Arms as well as the embracing warmth of the sun in Beach Thoughts. We feel the poignant longing of the Blind Poet : ‘He imagines rainbows within his shadows And senses god’s presence upon his shoulders.’ the End of the Line leads the reader to the ‘portal at the end of the rainbow.’ We ‘Ponder the wonder of life’ as we read Born for a Reason. ‘Sometimes it is better just to start Entirely over,’ Entirely Over and other times ‘We are searching for a shadow Inside a galaxy of stars.’ Finally we close our reading ‘sitting for hours in the’ Ghost Garden.

On the pages of "Moods in Motion" Lyrist Forese has created a tantalizing publication of 50+ of some of his finest elegies. Verses extending across seventy pages entice the reader with a diversity of deeply felt sonnets penned about a far-reaching melange of the author’s favorite subjects. Lyrist Forese’s passion for life flows from the page to the reader as these poems are enjoyed. Stanzas filled with warmth, perspicacity and contemplation are included in this picturesque arrangement. Readers, regardless of whether they are admirers of poetry or not, are sure to take pleasure from "Moods in Motion". Lovers of poetry will unquestionably be exhilarated as they find themselves stopping often to relish a statement or a passage before going on to the next appealing tidbit.

Poet Forese has an extraordinary aptitude for taking the everyday issues of life and turning them into an irresistible work. There is something for everyone in Moods in Motion. Accomplished, piercing, words to enrapture, and thrill are offered as Poet Forese draws upon the adventures of life to give rise to an opus of lovely work. Romance, life lessons, enlightenment all are communicated to the heart of the reader in most good-natured and calculable manner. Readers will be sure to be transformed in a very tangible way while reading the words offered by this perceptive, straightforward poet.

"Moods in Motion" is meant to be read and then taken out often for a re reading as craving and fancy strikes. Bard Forese demonstrates his idyllic genius in this exquisite little work. Each refrain only gets better.

It is the belief of this reviewer that "Moods in Motion" should do well in specialty/gift type shops as an offering when a unique gift for a particular person is essential. The work will lend itself well to the homeschool library for middle grade to high school age readers as they begin to explore the world of poetry for themselves. With the writer’s permission I plan to lift a poem or two for use in my fourth grade classroom as we begin to write some poetry for ourselves.

Lovely book for a long winter afternoon or a quick poem or two while waiting for the light to change during a busy day.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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