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Casting OffCasting Off
Trisha FitzGerald Petri
Wings ePress

Entertaining Read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

Dumpy blonde, 30 something Megan Barry orphaned at an early age and raised by her grandmother feels as though life may be passing her by. Determined to not marry one of the local men and live the life of a fisherman’s wife while equally determined to not go to work in the local fishery Meg worked first as a waitress at the local luncheon counter. Other than a six year relationship with a local married school teacher, a potential joining with clumsy gardener Jimmy Dooley and dime novels gotten from the Beara Penisula Mobile Library; Scullymore, Ireland did not have a lot to offer in Meg’s opinion. It was when she had packed her suitcase and set out for the bus that Meg was offered a job by Connor Gorman the local wealthy patron. Killgorman house sits on a knoll at the edge of town. Gorman’s fiancée Helen Featherstone seems determined to prove her position as the lady of the house when Meg peruses a copy of ‘Sloop Skippers Notes,’ before seizing a chance to escape from her humdrum life. A purloined key, a weather driven adventure at sea, and an illegal still all figure in the tale. How Megan ends up alone on an island with only a gull for company comes before a surprise offer of affection and a new job offer.

Writer Trisha FitzGerald Petri has produced a festive, fast paced read on the pages of "Casting Off". Megan Barry is not the characteristic fanciful heroine, she is however a very acceptable, and agreeable personality. In an eruption of witticism and style FitzGerald Petri paints a keenly focused anecdote filled with excellently masterminded settings, quick-witted plausible characters and exceptional conversation all set against an environment of sea and tumult in this rollicking tale.

The reader is drawn into the tale from the opening paragraphs. We taste the sea salt, feel the spray against our faces and grip the rails of the yacht as we, and Megan, ride out a horrific storm. Connor Gorman is a man we can enjoy coming to know, his fiancée Featherstone is quite the opposite. Reader interest is held tight in this easily read adventure from opening lines to the epilogue. Conflict is present in good measure and is suitably resolved.

Included is a glossary of Irish expressions and Gaelic words… although writer FitzGerald Petrie’s description writing leads little confusion as to meaning for the words used.

An excellent choice for the home pleasure reading shelf, high school library and those who like a good adventure with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure "Casting Off" is a delightful read for a long summery afternoon or an autumn evening spent reading and sipping cocoa.




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