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Daily Positives: Inspiring Greatness In The Next GenerationDaily Positives: Inspiring Greatness In The Next Generation
Edward P Fiszer, Ed.D
Cameo Publications

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Illuminating read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Inspiring reflections addressing friendship, success and failure, daring to try new things and expectations are presented in one page segments within the covers of "Daily Positives: Inspiring Greatness In The Next Generation". Quotations from well known and lesser recognized historical figures include those coming from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Manufacturer Henry Ford, Philosopher Aristotle, President Thomas Jefferson and football pioneer George Halas. I particularly enjoyed reading the thoughts of musician Duke Ellington who once said, "A Problem Is A Chance." Ellington who lived from 1899 to 1974 did not care much for piano lessons when a boy, however, he did become interested in the piano when he was a teen, gave it his best and became known the world over as a musician second to none. I also enjoyed reading Vidal Sassoon’s quote, "The only place where success comes before hard work is in the dictionary." In addition to the 145 daily quotes are six additional inspirational readers directed toward specific days : Labor Day, September 11, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, President’s Day and Memorial Day.

"Daily Positives: Inspiring Greatness In The Next Generation" is a compilation of thought provoking quotations meant to aid parents, educators and other youth leaders as they endeavor to motivate young people toward success. Educator Fiszer has gathered introspections written or spoken by a wide array of authors including Elbert Hubbard, Francis Bacon, Napoleon Hill and Orison Swett Marden as well as sports figures including Tiger Woods, Andrew Hill, and Babe Ruth. In addition, Ancients Plato and Seneca share space with political figures, and artists.

One of my favorite Authors, Mark Twain, is quoted in the book as saying, "the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." Those are strong, positive words for youngsters to consider.

Fiszer has brought together a extensive melange of sentiments, inspirations, thoughts and ideas all put forth by the widest variety of people. The quotations presented are written in vocabulary well within the range of understanding of middle grade students, and reading ability of most upper middle grades and beyond.

While Writer Fiszer’s major intent for the work he has prepared is to provide a method for ‘parents, counselors, teachers, administrators and mentors to inspire positive actions each day through guidance and meaningful discussions with their students; Daily Positives: Inspiring Greatness In The Next Generation is a book well suited to being read and used often for both pleasure reading and inspiration. A must have book for the personal reading shelf, classroom, home school curriculum and book shelf of those who endeavor to inspire youth "Daily Positives: Inspiring Greatness In The Next Generation" is a book I will be keeping, and I donot keep all books sent for review.

Enjoyed the book. Happy to recommend.




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