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Edward Es
Earthset Press
Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

A man is rummaging in the dumpster when a Mercedes rolls into the parking lot. Louis Cardona's Manufacturing shop is the place where Tom Holmes spent much of a lifetime. That was before his son Noah died. Tom's marriage fractured following the death of Noah, his closest companion today is Zion his cat. Cardona knows what Tom is wanting.

From the time of Noah's death Tom has been driven to fulfill the boy's dream of going into space. Tom will build a rocket and Tom will leave earth in that rocket. Norbert Meyekamp, FBI and his partner Sidney Knowles are tracking Tom's movements. Meyerkamp is sure what Tom is about is a national threat. Attorney General Patrick Herlihy, President Jonathan Stamp and Tom Holmes are acquaintances of many years standing. Meyerkamp's growing file on Holmes is proving an annoyance to the president and attorney general.

Tom not only works toward his rocket dream, he provides medical care for a group of terminally ill children. One of his last acts before blasting away from earth is to set up a cruise for the children and others for Holmes has great affection. Tom does succeed in getting his rocket together and blasting away from earth. He is not alone.

Here on the pages of his debut work "Skyeyes", Writer Es draws the reader into this well devised tale from the opening lines when we first meet Tom Holmes rummaging in that dumpster. Es has filled his tale with a host of interesting well fleshed characters. Many of
the players are those we would like to know, others are real toads. Es has taken an interesting premise; a obsessed father's desire to fulfill the wish of a dead child and has woven a very credible tale. The break up of the marriage between Francine and Tom Holmes, the silly posturing of the FBI agents, the steadfast determination exhibited by Holmes are all very plausible.

Set against a backdrop of many areas that I know personally here in this country the book often held special interest for me. I felt the surf of Pismo Beach as I read of Francine and her struggle to get on with life, and felt the dryness of the desert. Writer Es proves his ability as a superb storyteller with this initial offering. "Skyeyes" is a fast paced page turner sure to appeal to those who enjoy a well wrought tale filled with snappy dialogue, good variety of characters each having their own well developed personality, and people beset with powerful motivations. "Skyeyes" is a complex tale moving from the moments of Noah's death skillfully interwoven into the complex tale of the present dynamic facing Tom. Tom's ability to procure the needed materials for his rocket allows the writer to focus on the human side of the drama as those who would help face those who would hinder Tom in his determination.

Good Book for a hot lazy summer afternoon.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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