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Because I said soBecause I Said So
Dotti Enderle
Illustrator: Candace Hardy
Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Pleasing Read ... Recommended ... 4.5 stars

Logan's Mom always replies to his questions 'why' with 'because I said so'. Pick up toys, take your bath, brush your teeth, and ready for storytime elicit a 'why' from Logan, and 'because I said so' from Mom. Mom always joins right into help with the work, she picks up the small hard to handle pieces, she smudges his nose with a dab of shaving cream in the bath, she guides his hand in tiny circles to brush Logan's teeth, and she reads stories about knights and dragons. One day Logan turns the table on his mother with surprising results.

An appealing, innocent narrative chronicling the activities of a little boy and his mom "Because I Said So" is sure to please the target audience of beginning readers who may themselves often ask 'why' when Mom says it is time to do something necessary. On eleven page "Because I Said So" is accomplished with beginning to mid reader vocabulary and charming illustrations showcasing the fun and joy present between parents and children Ideal edition for the school or home library. "Because I Said So" is suitable for a class unit dealing with family as well as free time reading or even 'read to me' by the little ones.

Writer Dotti Enderle and illustrator Candace Hardy have produced a pleasing, highly entertaining work in "Because I Said So". A 'read to me book' for the 3-5s, 'read with help'for the strong 5-7s, and 'read alone', perhaps as a read to younger siblings for the 7-9s. Because I taught K-1 I was especially pleased to find sufficient repetition in the tale to insure little ones taking part in story-time as youngsters 'say' the story along with the reader.

Agreeable read, happy to recommend.




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