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the Hero PerseusThe Hero Perseus
Robyn DiTocco and Tony DiTocco
Brainstorm Publications, Inc.

Interesting Read Ö Recommended Ö 4.5 stars

PJ, Percy John, Allenís comfortable life ends suddenly when his father is lost to an unexpected accident. PJ is one unhappy teenager when his mother Dana takes him with her to the small boring town of Athenia. Back home in New Jersey he had a cute girl friend and was a respected member of the football team. Before long PJ realizes that, just as he had thought: life in a small town is not much like life in New Jersey. At least there are pretty girls in Athenia too and his new high school has a football team too. PJ and his Mom are coping best they can without his Dad in the new town. PJ, is going to a new school where he soon meets new friends, including his hoyden neighbor: a girl named Andi Martin as well as two chums named Micky and Mojo. PJ stuggles to fit in with the kids at school, falls for the school sweetheart, Jana Langley, who is dating the school bad guy quarterback, Jake Lyons and tries his best to find a spot for himself on the school football team as well. As if all of that were not enough, without warning, PJ also finds himself dealing with visits from a peculiar being named 'Hermes,í who shows himself to PJ only at night, and most often when the artistic PJ is in his room alone drawing. Hermes tells PJ he must embark upon a special mission connected with some potent Greek characters straight out of mythology. PJ is nonplussed to discover a moment of time has been lost, he must recreate the moment when Medusa was beheaded, and if he canít all will be lost: his mission is one that will save the world from drought and jeopardy.

Save the world from desolation and danger and do it all between homework, ball practice, and girl problems is a pretty tall order for a pretty average kid from New Jersey. The resulting tale is an exciting fast paced gallop of an adventure as the reader moves with PJ between two worlds; his school and home life and his new life in the magical land of Greek Gods and Goddesses. The reader is drawn into the tale and is held as breathless as is PJ while the young man is called upon to find inner strength and the courage he needs to become a hero in his own right.

Filled with mystery and strange beings, pitfalls, giants and beasts, 'The Hero Perseus' records PJ's whimsical nighttime excursions into the ancient world where the seventeen-year-old must acquire the helmet of invisibility, winged shoes, and leather bag necessary to defeat the most dangerous of foes - the deadly gorgon Medusa. If the world is to be saved PJ must grapple successfully with a rematch of the war between the Titans and Olympians.

'The Hero Perseus' is well written divertissement filled with drollery and dash. Fans of young adult adventures will take pleasure from The Hero Perseus, an inviting tale about a teenager who discovers the magic and wonder of the old Greek myths, with a modern twist. The husband and wife team authors have used a proven formula of taking an average kid and putting him into an extraordinary world: PJís adventure takes place where the ancient Greek myths come to life and do battle.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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