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Marvin Monster's Big DateMarvin Monster's Big Date
Tabatha Jean D'Agosta
Illustrator: Bonnie Everett Hawkes
Moo Press

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Fun, enjoyable read, happy to recommend. 5 stars

'Marvin Monster lives in Marshville where the neighbors are more than a bit strange.'

Marvin slicked his hair back with a handful of Slug Slime. Marvin's mom thought he looked gruesomely handsome. Today Marvin was walking Reba Banshee, that raging cool monster, to school.

When Marvin met Reba on the way to school he found Bobby Zombie handing her a bunch of weeds. And, in a matter of minutes he was ditched. During howling chorus he stood next to Reba, and things went from bad to worse. A toad-wart, whiff of Nurse Hagilda's skunk juice and lunch that wouldn't stay still didn't do much for Marvin's downhearted state. A note from his old friend Gretchen Goblin did help a bit. Bug science class, a bit of pond scum and a walk home with friends round out the tale.

Writer D'Agata's Early Reader Chapter Book tale of a little monster who learns a big lesson is one sure to please children in the target audience primary grades. Youngsters will identify with the predicament Marvin gets himself into on the pages of "Marvin Monster's Big Date". Marvin is a delightful fellow who discovers an important lesson about the importance of keeping promises. "Marvin Monster's Big Date" is the initial offering in a new series that teaches important social skills to children.

Illustrator Everett-Hawkes has outdone herself to produce a succession of children pleasing drawings for the work.

"Marvin Monster's Big Date" is a fun read for parents, teachers and kids alike. The book has a place in both the home and school library where it is sure to be reached for often. This is a 'read' to book for the K-1 set, and a 'read with help' for the older primaries. This is a book I would be happy to use in my own K-1 classroom.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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