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Shawn Cormier
Pine View Press
Entertaining read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

The narrative opens as a terrified old man races over roots and stones. Pursuing him are those determined to wrest the map he carries from him. Behind the aged man is a hulking shadow accompanied by twenty men clothed in black and wearing metal masks over their faces. The old man is not just an aged human, he is a Nomadin who has taken a human form. A Prophesied Child, magical beings, a witch, a Swan and a terrifying Nephalim all figure in the unfolding tale. Treachery, runes, life, death, more than one sword and a prophesy fulfilled will be revealed before the tale is finished. The tale ends with farewells, hope and the beginning of a journey.

Once again writer Cormier captures the essential quality of the genre to produce one more zestful, fast paced text. As with Cormier’s first work ‘Nomadin’, ‘Nidemon’ is certain to enchant readers of fantasy; kids and adults alike. Personalities we encountered in the first book reappear in the second as the reader is carried into the anecdote from the opening lines. Reader involvement is retained in this gripping page-turner through the exercise of well-drawn scenarios, kid friendly conversation, innovative and appealing characters who engage in plausible jocularity as they encounter the predicaments of each day.

‘Nidemon’ is filled with potent motivations, deception, and abundant twists and turns to fascinate the most perspicacious reader. Readers are treated to lavishly portrayed milieu, peppery dialogue, fiduciary circumstances and characters to have affection for and those to despise.

On the pages of ‘Nidemon’ the reader is offered a well written account in which novelist Cormier deftly sets down a remarkably masterminded narrative occupied with bewitching perplexity, plenteous discord and unfamiliar civilization. Characters continue to be advanced and fleshed out as Cormier moves forward his absorbing and galvanizing series.

‘Nidemon’ is a must read for all who take pleasure from a razor sharp, comfortably read anecdote set down in an obvious skillful writing technique.

Excellent pick for a long summer afternoon spent reading and lazing away the day in the shade. ‘Nidemon’ is must have for the home pleasure library, school and home school reading list and personal reading list.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend, trust number 3 in the series is soon to arrive.

Shawn Cormier
Pine View Press
Exciting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Nadae has been a nice peaceful land from the time Reknamarken the necromancer was restrained into a specially bound book by the Nomadin. The miscreant vows that a Nomadin child will be born and ultimately bring his release. In an effort to prevent such a misadventure the Nomadin forbid the birth of any Nomadin child.

Ilien Woodhill is a boy with a bit of puzzlement to him. While his peasant mother is away from home Ilien is cared for by the elderly Gallund. Using his special pencil Ilien is able to ace his geometry test, however as Gallund his mentor points out, the pencil is not for cheating at math, but rather is for spells. The arrival of Thiessen, an Eastlander soldier, sets in motion events, excitement and episodes Ilien never dreamed possible. Setting out for Evernden on horseback the trio soon are embroiled in confrontation with witches. The NiDemon want to destroy Gallund a Nomadin.

After Gallund is taken under the earth by magical grass, Thiessen and a most discouraged Ilien continue on their quest. Not much time passes before Ilien meets a horde of wolfish creatures, believes Thiessen to be dead, and is himself attacked. And this is only the beginning.

Writer Cormier captures the essence of the genre to produce a zestful, fast paced work sure to please kids and parents alike. Comparable to Tolkien and C. S Lewis author Cormier is a fresh voice on the Middle Grades/Young Adult fantasy scene. Cormier's Main Character Ilien is a kid youngsters everywhere can like. He isn't the most popular member of his class. In fact the book opens with school bullies ready to clean his clock. "Nomadin" is filled with all the ingredients readers hope to find. Appealing, resourceful, non-stereotypical characters, well-drawn scenarios, kid friendly dialog all abound in this work offered by talented author Cormier.




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