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Eight Frames EightEight Frames Eight
Judith Cody

Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

"Eight Frames Eight" is presented in five sections designed to move the reader along the cycle of life.

Part 1: Primary Colors is a full of life aggregation completed with brilliance and conception tell of the rekindled soul to environment. Wondering eyes are essential to take it all in. Watching Half Dome from Yosemite Valley… Cody says, 'in the black night the day is mine,' Consider the death of Dragons….'O I'm afraid you'd hear me and believe,' After the Growing Time ……'A year has returned again'

Part 2 Perspective covers mortal refinement to face the question, 'why do we exist'. This collection evokes reflections of humanity making enroads in the fabric of creation to declare that a creative intellect is an uninterrupted, explorative, developing entity. A Minor Distraction … Cody relates 'Even the most minor distraction can disturb,' The Headhunter's Wife … 'boring the temple hole is a skill my mother taught me'

Women's Year Poem … 'Now is the time for women's voices to rouse the world with reason'

Part 3 Lifeblood Cody now presents a variety of peppery, manifold works filled with a sense of being appreciated and needed, Say It … Cody says, 'Begin simply say I love you,' Encounter …. 'We met for lunch,'

The Alison Rainbow Song … 'O how helpless we are without bodies to store us'

Part 4 Soul Tears Cody now deals with the end of life. The poems offered in this section are intended to show dying is the beginning of the life pilgrimage through infinity. Death is not the closing and is not an anomalous account. Rather Cody's poems reveal death can be viewed as a celebration. Child of the Virgins … Cody says, 'I steal a view of the nun's procession,' Biological War Needles … 'Knitting, it surpasses death,'

California Drought Makes TV Winter News … 'no water…no flowers … no nectar … no bugs'

Part 5 Epilogue The poet now considers some of her thoughts pertaining to particular poems

On the pages of "Eight Frames Eight" gifted poet, artist Judith Cody presents a work filled with line drawings to accentuate her poems dealing with subjects from Yosemite to California's Drought to Women's Year Poems.

Writer Cody explains 'Eight frames eight is the velocity of Universe entering ourselves' as she offers a peerless approach to the poetic art. The construction of poems found in "Eight Frames Eight" is as varied and colorful as the language used by this talented craftsman. Poesy narrative by its very nature presents each reader with their own viewpoint re what is meant in a particular poem.

In "Eight Frames Eight" Cody will challenge readers to reflect on the way we look at the things around us.

Enjoyed the read, a nice work to be enjoyed and returned to time and time again. Happy to recommend.




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