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Nine Lives and Three WishesNine Lives and Three Wishes
Jennifer St Clair
Twilight Times books

Interesting Read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

Misty, a cat, who lives with Carla and her three year old daughter recounts a agreeably puzzling yarn of his finding a bottle laying in a puddle, scratching it and watching as a mysterious red haired boy appears. Tib, Tiberius, is a being only the cat can see, offers Misty three wishes and he disappears when he touches the bottle. Misty unselfishly wishes for Carla who is always fretting about bills to pay to become financially secure. Little does Misty initially realize that the bottle comes from Faerie. Carla soon finds a small silver box containing a ruby, a roll of bills, and 77 cents. The population of Faerie have inflexible regulations about granting wishes; they want something in return. Maddie soon vanishes into the forest where a veil separates the human world from the Faerie. Faerie consents to but one possibility to return a loved one home from Faerie. More than that; Cats are not allowed in Faerie, they do inexplicable things to its magic. However, a human who loves Maddie can liberate her. Misty has a wish left but Tib warns: If Misty becomes a human the feat cannot be undone and human Misty will remain. Misty as human Matthew willingly sets out to rescue his tiny companion. Many doors, a fall that breaks Tib's bottle and Tib who is afraid to go to meet the faeries, the Faerie queen, a spell around the hill and a castle where Maddie is being held all figure in the narrative.

On the pages of "Nine Lives and Three Wishes" writer St Clair has crafted a fast-paced, imaginative account filled with challenging experiences, enchantment, authentic devotion and machination. Characters are acceptable, fascinating and credible. Misty as both cat and boy is a strong presence. Faerie as deftly portrayed by St Clair is offbeat and entertaining. The mission presented to Misty is a life-affirming quest certain to be enjoyed by those who take pleasure from the genre. Characters appear, act out their role and depart; some forever, others to reappear. The story line holds reader interest, Misty and Tib move from challenging experience to daring feat. The yarn is fun, easy to trace and hazardous enough to delight the most hard to please reader. It has a gratifying ending sure to satisfy.

"Nine Lives and Three Wishes" is an entrancing, well written fantasy tale completed with a plot presenting a perfect blend of realism and fiction sure to enchant the target audience of strong middle grades readers to young adults. Writer St Clair adroitly paints a sharply focused unclouded illustration of each milieu and the character's populating it. Nine Lives and Three Wishes will keep the reader guessing from beginning to end.

This is an easily read tale certain to be reached for often for pleasure reading among the 11-15 year old set. "Nine Lives and Three Wishes" is an excellent choice for the home and school library. The tale will intrigue the 'read to set' as an older student mentor reads aloud to them. Nine Lives and Three Wishes will nicely do for the 'teacher' reading time in middle to upper grades during the 'quiet time' following the lunch recess and will be often read by youngsters.

Enjoyed the read, excellent for a warm summer afternoon reading time. Happy to recommend.




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