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What would we ...What Would We Do If
Shalmarie Bunker and Kim Osborne
Bonneville Books

Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Section one "The Early Years" presents five chapters Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind, School Daze, Emergency Exits, Let's Go Fly a Kite, Out and About, and Final Thoughts. Section two "The Later Years" is eight chapters Friendly Reminders, Study Strategies, The 9 1 1 , Let's Party!, The Dating Game, Getting Connected?, Working Hard or Hardly Working?, Baby Baby! And in the end.

The writers present an eye opening statement in their introduction: 'As parents we make assumptions as to what we have taught our children and what we think they know.' "What Would We Do If " is a direct byproduct of the writers' learning the truth of that statement.

Each chapter is presented as a help for parents to use when talking with their own children about what to do in specific situations. What to do when situations are encountered at a friend's house, at school, or emergency setting are all geared on what to say to the small child who may not yet understand what to do. Emergency situation especially need to be well thought out by parents prior to their trying to teach children what to do when the smoke alarm goes off, or a tornado is nearly upon you.

As kids mature talking time between parent and child needs to continue, however the specifics may change. The writers stress that Parents must have well developed understandings for how they themselves will face situations prior to trying to talk to their pre teen or teens.

Writers Bunker and Osborne are parents who have put into practice the methods they advocate in "What Would We Do If". I especially enjoyed the little tidbits added as the writers told how specific situations played out for them regarding the suggestions offered.

"What Would We Do If" is a short little book filled to the brim with useful, helpful hints developed by two women who have an easy writing, easy reading style.

The book should prove helpful to parents of newborns and older kids alike. The book is easily read, filled with good useful suggestions and will enhance the home library of those who endeavor to broaden their understanding of kids and how to guide them to successful adulthood.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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