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Neon PathwayNeon Pathway
by Robin Norris Brown
Artist: Eppie Bailey
Writers Exchange ePublishing

Interesting read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

"Neon Pathway" is a book having nine chapters for middle grade age kids. The book is begun with a pair of young people setting out on their own for three weeks. Chapter 1-road to decisions finds brother and sister Jake and Nan deciding to follow different paths. Chapter 2-the plain path is the path taken by Nan. It is where she discovers both a book and a friend. Chapter 3-the neon pathway is where Jake decides to travel is filled with worldly excitement and 'friends' and 'family'. Chapter 4-the meeting place finds Nan and Jake exchanging notes about how their separate trek is going. Chapter 5-trials and tribulations is the one in which Nan wonders if she has made the right decision. Chapter 6-consequences finds Jake facing the predictable outcome of his chosen path. Chapter 7-battling the darkness and Nan is facing her problems with the help of her new friend. Chapter 8-the moment of decision. Jake is sinking in quick sand. Now is the time for him to make a decision to continue the neon path he first chose, or to join Nan and walk along the plain one. Chapter 9-free to choose, Jake is free to choose Jesus and the plain path to the father's house, or he can choose to remain as he is. The book closes with questions for review and verse answers

Writer Brown presents a PDF copy of "Neon Pathway" for review. The work is geared for kids in the middle grades, beginning teens age group. Chapters are kept short, to the point and completed with a follow up of Bible teaching. Kids in the 9-14 age group are not likely to sit down and read through a thick, heavy tome, the format used by author Brown is a good one for this age group.

Language used by writer Brown in "Neon Pathway" is straightforward, within the realm of understanding of the target reader and is presented in a good forthright manner. Often this type of work comes off as 'preachy' write Brown was able to keep away from this pitfall.

"Neon Pathway" is a book parents and church youth leaders should find useful when working with kids who are beginning to 'stretch their wings' and begin to step out into the world on their own.
Read to ages 3-6, Read alone ages 6-9




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