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Career Magic: A womanís Guide to Reward & Recognition
Marjorie Brody
Career Skills Press

Instructional Read ... Recommended ... 4 stars

"Career Magic: A womanís Guide to Reward & Recognition": 224 pages, Introduction, 9 chapters as well as information about Brody Communication and an order form. Chapter titles indicate material to be found on the pages of the work. Chapter 1 : If Itís Meant to Be, Itís Up to Me, advocates taking a good look at what you really want to achieve. Brody says be preemptive in your thinking, donít wait to be noticed, donít enter or stay in a career that keeps you from what you really want in life. Chapter 2 : M Your Magic Starts with Your Manner, appearance and body language are important. Little things are the ones that tend to stop careers. Express yourself, but keep in mind your role, the environment and the work you do. Chapter 3 : A Advocates: Add Their Influence to your Marketing Plan, who knows you and knows your capabilities is what matters most. Cultivating advocates to plead your cause will hold you in good stead during your career. Chapter 4 : G Never stop Growing, growth brings you closer to your goals, when you stop growing you begin rotting. Change is not a threat, complacency is. Chapter 5 : I Increase Your Involvement, Involvement will bring results when you take an active role beyond your job responsibility you grow personally and professionally. Chapter 6 : C Create Commentary, commentary creates visibility. Commentary is tangible evidence that you possess leadership abilities. Chapter 7 : Go Work Your Magic, Focus on what matters. Create choices, create maximum visibility. Chapter 8 : What Others Doing, is three pages detailing in a sentence or two each how women are furthering their careers. Chapter 9 : Women Whoíve Blazed The Way details 35 successful women; their education, family, and careers.

Writer Brody is a well known speaker, consultant and job coach. "Career Magic: A womanís Guide to Reward & Recognition" with its collection of tips, tricks and techniques for furthering oneís career is the result of Brodyís many years experience and expertise in the field. While the title indicates the book is written particularly for women the narrative will prove as valuable for men who also hope to enjoy long and successful careers based upon good manners, growth along the way, getting involved in leadership roles within your chosen organization, drawing upon advocates who will hire, recommend and network you to others and guiding you toward becoming an expert in your field. "Career Magic: A womanís Guide to Reward & Recognition" is not only for the new college grad just entering the work force, but will prove as valuable to the old work horse who has been at it for a while, and may have forgotten or set aside some of the basics for success.

The book is easily read, presented in straight forward language and filled with charts, areas for note taking, and individual success stories. A must have for the business personís library. The work is meant to be read often, mulled over and used on a daily basis by those who wish to take control of their own future.

Enjoyed the informative read, happy to recommend.




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