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The Other Side of the MountainThe Other Side of the Mountain
John Braswell
Publish America
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Exciting Read Highly Recommended 5 stars

When Apache Jim Callingbird, special forces Vietnam veteran, finds his family dead he knows he must avenge their deaths. And avenge them he does before setting in play a series of not all unexpected adventures for himself. Followed by local Sheriff Coontz who will not cross reservation lines Callingbird begins a climb up the mountain he hopes will bring him relief if not freedom from the memory of his dead loved ones that he cannot escape. An inexperienced, over confident Federal Marshal is soon on the case tracking the Indian for whom he has little respect. Before long Marshal Thompson realizes he has met his match in Jim Callingcrow. Neither a well known Zuni tracker or tracking dogs are able to more than turn up an empty trail. Only Callingbird's old friend Sam Little Bear is a match for Callingbird's resourfulness. A bounty of $25,000 placed on Callingbird's head proves too much temptation for even close friends and Thompson at last finds someone with both willingness and ability to track the elusive Callingbird.

On the pages of "The Other Side of the Mountain" Writer Braswell has crafted an exciting work filled with caves, illegal hunters on reservation land, wanted posters, haunting dreams, a fatherless boy, repercussion, test of friendship, conflicting cultures, respect for nature, Native American view of justice, and hope. Callingbird's meeting with an elderly Indian brings the reader closer to understanding motivation behind Callingbird's actions.

Braswell's hero Callingbird is a likeable fellow who allows the white man's justice it's chance when his family is destroyed. However, he knows what must be done when that justice fails to materialize and sets out to get it done with little thought for his own comfort. Callingbird's willingness to accept a life as a hunted man to vindicate his family is admirable.

Profuse conflict fittingly resolved, fast paced action, picturesque characters, detailed scenes, are all presented in this masterfully engineered work by up and coming writer Braswell. "The Other Side of the Mountain" captures the essence of the futility of man's injustice to man in an easily read format.

A sure favorite of those who enjoy skillful writing, a commendable story line and well depicted characters. Good book for a lazy summer afternoon or a cold wintry evening.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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