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Time for TalesTime For Tales
Bianca Boonstra
Pam Publishing, 2003

Enjoyed the Read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

This is an anthology of four of popular Writer Boonstra's favorite tales. In A Special Marriage the reader is invited to come along to a haunted castle for the wedding of Thimble and Scissors, and to attend a second, surprise wedding as well. While in Eucalypta's Lesson we meet Eucalypta the witch and Peter the gnome. Eucalypta is jealous of Peter and his popularity, a magic spell goes awry and Eucalypta learns a valuable lesson. Rolly Pollie Visits Rotterdam poor Rolly; he dances in the Hofplein fountain and runs afoul of the law. After days of visiting it is time for Rolly to return to his own home. He travels by Sea Gull! The Legend of Queen Martina introduces us to the tiny kingdom of Asereje where Prince Jasper set out to find his abducted mother. A note says Queen Martina will be given to the Fire Dragon.

Gifted Writer Boonstra has produced a highly readable work with her well-crafted anthology. "Time For Tales" is a pleasing project suitable for older children and adults who enjoy short stories. Language flows in a satisfying manner drawing the reader into each of the offered anecdotes. Boonstra writes about things that might be and about remarkable enchanted lands peopled with inhabitants who behave much as most of us do. Writer Boonstra's characters are not all faultless folks, rather they have many of the same warts and warbles as we all do. This only adds to the charm of the book.

As with all of her work Boonstra provides richly drawn milieu to tickle the fancy of the most demanding reader. Boonstra's skillfully interwoven story lines keep the reader absorbed and turning the pages as they meet the fascinating characters filling Boonstra's mystical lands. "Time For Tales" offers some gentle reminders to the reader that kindness is an admirable and worthwhile attribute we will all do well to develop in our own lives.

"Time For Tales" is a well written grouping of short stories three of which are illustrated with glorious art works provided by the author's three talented children: Alexa, Steven or Jouke. The Boonstra children have outdone themselves in producing especially delightful works to illustrate the tales. A Special Marriage is richly illustrated by celebrated author/artist Ron Axelson.

This is a publication suitable for classroom use for middle grade youngsters to use for their free reading time as well as beginning adult readers needing a high interest moderate vocabulary work. The book will work well as a read-to of the individual tales for parents to use for reading to their




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