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Lulu's Lost ShoesLulu's Lost Shoes
(We Both Read) level K-1
Paula Blankenship
Illustrator: Larry Reinhart
Treasure Bay Publishing

Engaging Read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

The school bus is coming, Lulu must hurry. Book bag in hand she is ready to set off for school when Dad calls her back. Lulu Beetle must find her shoes. And the hunt is on. The shoes were down by the tree. Everyone looks. Frog searches in the pond, the kids on the bus hurry to help. And at last the shoes are found where you might not think they will be.

Writer Blankenship's creative narrative is counterbalanced by the well-executed illustrations from ingenious artist Larry Reinhart. What child has not had to hunt for his or her shoes at least one time during Kindergarten? As she helped her youngster chase down the elusive footwear ehat parent has not torn their hair and wondered if the school might allow her child to attend wearing bedroom slippers just this once.

Illustrations set the mirth-provoking tale off to perfection. Children are sure to adore the dining table made from a spool of thread and a watch, or the school housed in a watering pot. "Lulu's Lost Shoes" is an anecdote certain to draw the target audience of Kindergarten readers right into the fun. Pages are designed to be 'read' by mom and child or teacher and class.

Perfect work for that after lunch recess quiet time when teacher and class gather on the rug for some reading time. "Lulu's Lost Shoes" lends itself to the group reading that punctuates most reading time with little folks as well as providing some problem solving discussion starters. Fun book for use with pupil mentors as older student and younger enjoy a book together. "Lulu's Lost Shoes" will prove an apt addition to the home, school or home school library. This is a book I would use with my own Kindergarten youngsters.

A hint for parents page is included to give parents who may not be teachers a bit of added help in using the book to its fullest.





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