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Spirits in the Mind
Joy Batey
1st books

Interesting read Recommended 4 stars

Writer Batey says she attributes her first book to a chronic itch in the unreachable part of her back. Batey introduces the reader to a spirit, Life Guide, Sasha who helps guide humans toward taking a new look at life. "Spirits in the Mind" is presented in three parts in which a lady in the autumn years of life learns she has life guides who will take her though the process of learning that she was not at fault for many of the disappointments of her life. The reader is introduced to terminally ill Tiger Man a grumpy fellow who with the help of guide Sasha learns to live in happiness. The third person introduced is a young girl who has had experienced a difficult life due in large part to the unkindness she received at the hands of a step parent.

Batey helps the reader understand that God allows us each the resources we need to develop inner strength to help us along life's journey. Batey says Sasha and Thomas are the names ascribed in the book to our helpers Faith and Hope. Spirits in the Mind renders perceptiveness to guide the reader toward walking the path set before us with the assistance of Life Guides who may come to us in forms that we do not at first comprehend or be familiar with. Accepting guidance, especially how to, when it comes to us is illustrated by writer Batey in this richly drawn, inspirational work.

Coming to appreciate and understand our angels and guides is presented with style and grace by the author who has put the wisdom accumulated over a life spanning eight decades to paper following the unearthing of the original handwritten pages in the basement of a recently purchased home. Batey's canny knack for taking those pages and turning them into an inspirational accomplishment meant to be enjoyed by readers is a testament to the writer's skill.

"Spirits in the Mind" is a well-written work presenting potent encouragement captured with witticism and elegance. The volume is certain to enchant, enable, fascinate and enthrall.

Nice book for a rainy afternoon spent in front of the fire or for a sultry summer day in the swing on the porch with the sound of bees and birds and kids and critters nearby.

Inspirational read, true to the genre, happy to recommend.




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