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EmotionsEmotions: Love Made Courageous
Milena G. Alvarez
Infinity Publishing

Enjoyable Read ... Recommended ... 4.5 stars

"Emotions: Love Made Courageous" is an elegant work comprising sixty-four pages upon which writer Alvarez shares her innermost self. Alvarez' opening offering Emotions touches upon the notion that a poem itself may be imposing enough to open every emotion for the reader. Fervent, quixotic ardor is explored in Different, I'll set you free, White Dove, and Your Kiss as each pronounce the rapture and calenture of loving devotion experienced. "Fireworks explode, I give in to the magic" says it all. My own special luck, Between us, I can't command your heart carry through with the probing of the enchantment of being enamored of another. We belong together "People may not agree with us but we are meant to be" is a heartfelt line often voiced or felt by most sweethearts at one time or another during their beginning relationship.

Heaven needed an angel is a gentle-hearted thoughtful eulogy praise to a teacher lost to death. Alvarez' mournful line 'Sadly, I still mourn for you although I have been unable to express it' is distinctively stirring; for who among us, young or old, is capable of burbling on when confronted with death and particularly the expiration of one who is special to us. Tears Fall continues the theme of trying to understand and deal with a loved one's demise.

Devotion lost or not to be is also explored in Alvarez' work. "Emotions: Love Made Courageous" is not merely a assemblage of satisfaction and giggle romantic elegies, but are lyric verses telling of fondness felt deep within. Reality, The letter with heartbreaking words, To part, Love ends, To have trusted him completely ring with the sorrow of love lost. "It felt like a stab in the heart being alone when I needed him more" is a heartbreaking line sure to affect even the most hardened.

Lost Friendship is the theme found in Friendship without a friend. "I took you for granted and was deaf to hear…" the words speak a simple truth.

Poet Alvarez has crafted a cultivated offering of graceful verses sure to enthrall those who hold a fondness poetry, and to touch those who profess to not. The sensitive interpretations for the characteristic sensitivity that we humans experience on a daily basis come from a poetic heart older than the poet's years. This set of poetic offerings set down on the pages of "Emotions: Love Made Courageous" are intended for everyone who loves; parent for child, romantic lovers, casual or longtime friends and those who have deep feeling for mankind as a whole.

It is because affection causes us to feel happy and sad, upbeat and distraught throughout any relationship that we need to express the emotion to those for whom we have strong caring feelings. Emotion is not be denied, when shared it restores and strengthens each one caught up in the relationship. When emotion is denied something worthwhile is lost to all involved.

Enjoyed the read, sure to please the target audience of poetry readers, happy to recommend.




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