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Sanders StarfishSanders’ Starfish
Tara C Allred
Bonneville Books
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Entertaining Read … Recommended … 5 stars

The narrative opens as Dr John Sanders steps through the doorway to face a frenetic woman pushing a nurses’ cart before her. Charging frantically down the hallway toward the door exiting the ‘Clearcreek MentalCare Center An Oasis for the Mentally Ill is a most determined patient. Clarissa is well known to the staff; this is not her first desperate attempt to flee. John Sanders, with his recent graduate training and licensing exam sat last behind him, had been looking forward to his first day serving on staff at the upscale, private residential facility with some anxiety. In contrast, nothing had prepared Sanders for the actuality of his first day, first moment spent within the walls of the facility. Sanders begins to wonder what he has gotten himself into.Chronic episode patients, Organic Aggressive clients, individual therapy, community group meetings, small group meetings, psychological testing for every patient in his unit, clinical psychologist Sanders begins to feel a tad overcome. And this is all within the first hour of his first day as one of two doctors assigned to the residential complex. As Sanders commences working with client Rebecca Brownell, he begins to recognize there is something much more menacing than just the exigency of patients having desperate problems pervading the Care Center. Will he be able to affect any resolution, or will the Center continue exactly as it has for many years? Media attention, money exchanging hands, a suicidal patient and an unexpected friendship all figure in account.

"Sanders’ Starfish" is a gripping tale drawing the reader into the narrative from the opening lines as we stand at the door with Dr Sanders to confront Clarissa. Our knees smart when the cart is thrust into his. The reader is held fast from that initial contact with this tale’s main character and does not subside until we find the conflict suitably resolved.

Richly portrayed surroundings, potent motivation, story line twists, snappy exchanges, hair raising maneuvering and pleasantly puzzling uncertainty fill the pages of author Allred’s debut work with gripping reader appeal. Allred depicts a razor sharp, centered narrative abounding with well fleshed characters in this remarkably directed tale of stratagem, conspiracy and conundrum.

Writing is good in this well written, fast paced tale based on a believable plot. Dialogue used on the pages ofSanders’ Starfish effectively moves the story along.

Sanders’ Starfish will make a good addition to the home and high school library. This is an excellent book to read on a long, drizzly afternoon.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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