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A Gopher Gulch CinderellaA Gopher Gulch Cinderella
Linda Aksomitis
Illustrated by: Shawn Marchtaler
Writers Exchange

Fun Read … Recommended … 4 stars

A long time ago there were seven people and maybe a million gophers living out in Gopher Gulch. Only it wasn’t called Gopher Gulch back then, it was just a ranch. Ella lived in Gopher Gulch with her Daddy and her new step mother and step-sisters. The hired hands had all quit and someone had to stay home to mind the ranch while Daddy took the step mama and step sisters to Wynn City and then on for a few days visit with step mama’s relatives.

Daddy left Ella in charge of the ranch and set out for Wynn City, the big summer fair and the Wild West Show. Ella hired herself a new cowpuncher, borrowed a new pair of Levis from Aunt Lou and threw a saddle over the back of Thunder. Thunder had a wild streak, but he was the only one who could get Ella to Wynn City in time. Ella had a wonderful time at the fair and the Wild West Show where she met a handsome rodeo rider. Ella drank cold lemonade, danced at the square dance and avoided running in Daddy, step mama and the step-sisters. But she had to hurry home before midnight!

Writer Askomitis has produced an informative, entertaining read in this updated version of the Cinderella tale. ‘A Gopher Gulch Cinderella’ is an eBook filled with working links to pages telling about gophers, rodeo queens, and what a wild west show is all about. Other links lead to a great cinnamon bun recipe, a page filled with horses and an explanation of square dancing.

Illustrations provide by Shawn Marchtaler add to the fun.

Askomitis has taken a well known tale, added her own twist, used the power of modern technology and has crafted a tale middle school youngsters are sure to enjoy. The opening paragraph sets the scene for the narrative, piques kids’ interest and holds attention fast right to last lines when Ella decides she won’t marry the nice young rodeo rider she met at the Wild West Show.

The added links leading to a variety of interesting web sites are certain to keep kids moving along through the pages. Vocabulary used is within the scope of most kids in the 11-13 age group, readers ages 9-11 may need some help here and there as they encounter a word they don’t know. Younger children will enjoy hearing the tale read to them by parents, older siblings or student mentors at school.

A nice addition to the home school library, for personal reading time and for the school library.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.




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