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Dan Weiss
Black Plankton Press

Five year old Connie is distraught. She does not want to grow up yet. Asher spends a great deal of time and effort in trying to insure his daughter will have a chance to continue her childhood and not have to grow up for a time. Claudia, the sewerelf will befriend Asher, and help his with his project, for a price. It is a partnership which will have serious consequences for the both of them.

Sewerelf is another fine example of Dan Weiss' bent for the unexpected. As with his book Mood Shifts draffs, aliens from another world, abound, and nothing is quite as meets the eye. Weiss weaves a skillful tale of a fathers' love and craving to accomplish the desire of his child within a fanciful world peopled with unusual characters and extraordinary circumstances. The tale should have great appeal for those with an appetite for the unusual. Weiss is a skilled story teller and good writer capable of holding the interest from the opening page on to the end of his imaginative narrative.

Mood Shift
Dan Weiss
Black Plankton Press

Recommended for those who enjoy the bizarre 5 stars

Fred returns home after a tiring day at work to learn that his wife Karen has had both a personality shift and has gotten rid of Gladys. Karen had just gotten fed up with the old dog. Fred now must take Spunky to work with him so the cocker spaniel will not meet a similar fate. Before long Fred finds not only Karen's personality but everything in his world seems to be changing. Duplicity, a beginning awareness of another life form, the draffs and a good bit of confusion surround Fred for a time until he realizes the true depth of Karen's affection for him.

It does not take the reader long to begin to realize nothing in this fascinating tale is as it seems. The futuristic world portrayed in Mood Shifts is one where anything, or in all likelihood nothing is possible. From the seeming nonchalance of Karen for simply killing the family pet to the people Fred calls friends, the narrative is filled with astonishing twists and turns. Just when the reader thinks they have at last gotten it figured out Writer Weiss throws in another little curve. Weiss takes mundane phrases and products from the world today, weaves them into his fanciful tale in Mood Shifts and produces a narrative of unique proportions. Should have great appeal to those who like a tale filled with the unexpected.




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