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Greater PurposeGreater Purpose
Spencer Vail
Vail Enterprises

The Narrative centers around four very contrasted people, abused wife Heidi Jones, CEO of an InterNet Company Phillip Barlow, Carlos Gonzales a construction worker and up and coming Amy Sullivan who live in different regions of the United States. The one common thread between them is the fact of their death, transformation by a burst of brilliant light and return to live for 'the Greater Purpose.' Each of the four discover they have been gifted with powers beyond their imaginations, who will use their for good and who will use their power only for personal gain or revenge is the substance of the work.

New comer to the writing scene Spencer Vail, a self avowed fan of Stephen King has crafted a composition based on a fascinating premise. He has patterned his work after the drama and intrigue found within King's works. The Greater Purpose, a 250 page composition, is presented in an interesting fashion by writer Vail. His characters are fulfilled, their lives are entertaining and Vail gives us a peek into the machinations to be expected when life and the unreal meet head on.

Transitions are not handled with quite as much skill as writer Vail will achieve with experience in his future works. The flow of reading is interrupted a little now and again, nonetheless the narrative continues with more than enough constancy to keep the reader turning the page. Other fans of King may find that writer Vail does not yet offer serious competition to the master, who of us does, however, Vail's unique style is certain to appeal to those who enjoy the 'out of the ordinary.'




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