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Forth ContentionThe Forth Contention
Thomas Thorpe
Highly recommended

During the 19th century the Darmon family owns Mayfair. The 120 acres first came to the Darmon family in the days when William The Bold, third Earl of Rothmere bestowed a chunk of his property upon his daughter for her engagement gift as she prepared to marry the scion of the Forth family. James Forth despite his newly acquired huge holdings wanted the 120 acres with a craving he could not contain. Following James' death in 1653 his son John continued the attempt for obtaining Mayfair. Nothing worked, not even his attempt to starve the Darmon family out. When a fire was set in 1670 in what appeared to be an attempt to burn the Darmon's out nearby townsfolk decided they had had enough and drove the Forths away. John died in 1699 and things seemed to settle down.

The apparent calm was not to continue, the property was still coveted to the point of chicanery by the Forth family. Before long Mayfair heir, William and his wife Elizabeth find themselves fighting to keep their home. With the help of Elizabeth's brother in law Charles Bagwell, William sets out to locate the deed to the property. How the Forth family managed to obtain a writ forcing the Darmon's to show a deed or forfeit Mayfair is a mystery. How does Egypt figure into the mix. William is determined to discover this and whatever else he must in order to retain his old family property.

Writer Thorpe in Forth Contention has created an interesting group of characters who are individual in behavior. From the determined, greedy Forths, the desperate Darmon's and William's interesting aunt Lady Catharine each is intriguing. Thorpe has created a nicely crafted historical fiction with a credible plot, well developed characters and an acceptable conclusion. Forth Contention is a 'keep em turning the page' read in which writer Thorpe displays his excellent writing skills, and superb grasp of the dramatic. This second in a series is a must read for those who like their history spiced up with a gripping mystery filled with credible characters, convincing story line and plausible conclusion.




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