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Eyes of TruthEyes of Truth
Linda Suzane
Twilight Times Books

Good Read: Highly Recommended

The Insu-ha, a dynasty of divine descent rulers in the Kingdom of Naj are blessed with metaphysical insight. The eyes tattooed to their foreheads attest to the power the Insu-ha possess. Playing cards with an Insu-ha probably means you will lose. Not so when Insu-ha Zomo plays nu with former assassin Waulo. Insu-ha Dar is sent as Dyamu Hand for his brother to check out a recent strange murder in Funara Province. Dyamu Cojii tells Dar to take Waulo along. Not so much because her specialty is needed as he hopes to protect his people from her card playing skills.

Dar who is known as a champion of the poor and oppressed along with the again Waulo soon are embroiled in a wild rollicking adventure in Dak-moon in the border province of Fanara. Dar's old nemesis Magistrate Insu-ha Shoki rules Dak-moon with an iron hand. Waulo's second specialty, the ability to lie undetected to the Insu-ha will prove to have great value as Dar and Waulo unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of a servant. The esoteric Dolzi, Shoki who sleeps by day and is seen only at night, ghost sickness no one can explain all figure in the enigma Dar must untangle. The answers he discovers horrify and nearly kill him. Bugling watch dragons are kept busy as their sensitive natures realize impending dangers.

Writer Linda Suzane has again produced a work of monumental facility. The mythical world Suzane has created in "Eyes of Truth" is filled with a broad spectrum of characters, localities, morés and situations. All are designed to carry the reader along on a wild ride of excitement. From the opening line when Insu-ha Zomo confronts Waulo right down to that last paragraph as Raku the young clerk for Funara province reads through his report of activity in the region the reader is presented with dynamic dialogue, powerful action and potent predicaments.

Writer Suzane wisely offers a list of characters, along with explanation of the various localities found in her created world. The morés of the land are interwoven within the well wrought tale author Suzane has crafted. "Eyes of Truth" is sure to hold enormous appeal for those who enjoy thrilling adventure interwoven against a well developed fantasy background.

The Murder GameThe Murder Game
Linda Suzane
Kudlicka Publishing

Widowed Gwen Wilson is hired to return to the home where she lived for a time as a young teen. Gwen's mother was the housekeeper for divorced Lawrence Van Hise and his teen aged son Hunter. Mystery writer Wilson is a scriptwriter, novelist and producer of mystery murder weekends. She is sure neither Van Hise Sr or his son recognize who she is. As the week prior to the party unfolds Gwen gets her murder constructed, props set in place and begins to learn that all is not quite as simple as had first appeared. When Van Hise Sr is murdered Gwen is horrified to realize that she has been set up as the murderer. With help coming from an unexpected source Gwen begins to realize the full duplicity of the whole situation.

Excellent, well written narrative. Writer Suzane has produced a gripping tale filled with the twists and turns found in Christine Spindler's 'Faces of Fears' along with the suspense filled good writing of William Manchee in his Stan Turner Mystery series. The Murder Game is a book which will keep you turning the pages. With each aha! Now I know who did it, you will find a fresh red herring to throw you into confusion. Faced paced action, believable characters and dialogue insure The Murder Game will find a home with those who enjoy a good mystery flavored with just the right amount of romance, deceit and suspense.

Highly recommended




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