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The Enemy StalksThe Enemy Stalks
Betty Sullivan LaPierre
Highly Recommended 5 stars

Tom Casey, Hawkman, former Agency operative living under an assumed name on Lake Copco has been been located. Now, his life, that of his neighbor Jennifer Morgan, and everyone near to him is in danger. He has already caused the death of Hawkman's wife Sylvia many years ago and is now determined to wreak his vengeance upon Hawkman. That the one stalking them must be another Agency man is obvious. But who? It will only be with stealth, skill and a good bit of hard work that Hawkman will be able to save himself and Jennifer.

Bill Broadman, Casey's Agency help is hung up in a freak storm at Tinker in Oklahoma when the one who has been stalking him decides to make his move. Hawkman knows he must keep his wits or lose.

THE ENEMY STALKS is a good, fast paced well conceived work filled with action, plausible characters and a well thought out plot. Filled with the action of David Furlotte's CONTRACT FOR DECEIT writer LaPierre has produced a real page turner with this 'one of a series' featuring Hawkman. In this volume Hawkman comes to grips with leaving The Agency and finds an office to use for his new Private Detective venture.

Double TroubleDouble Trouble
Betty Sullivan LaPierre
E Pub

Hawkman, Tom Casey, now owns a Private Investigation business. He is married to Jennifer and has adopted a son Sam. Hawkman's PI Agency is off to a fine beginning, cases are beginning to come in, things are going good.

Nancy Gilbert is terrified that she is going to be the next victim of the person who killed her sister. She is certain her former husband Drew Harland is Tonia's murderer, of course she comes to Hawkman for help in finding the killer. Convicted of bank robbery almost a decade ago, Harland has just gotten out of jail on 'good behavior' and is now out looking for Nancy.

It is not long before Hawkman begins to uncover a whole lot more to the story than Nancy realized. Following Drew's death, Nancy's attorney husband Jack convinces her that Hawkman is no longer needed; despite Nancy's dismissal Hawkman continues his investigation and begins to uncover some very interesting facts concerning both Tonia and Nancy's husband Jack.

Writer LaPierre has produced an appealing treatise filled with good writing, entertaining characters and creditable situation. She skillfully hooks the reader with her opening line and holds interest right on through to the end of the narrative. Evocative of the drama found in Christine Spindler's Faces of Fear along with the rich characterizations present in Paula Boyd's Hot Enough To Kill, LaPierre's Double Trouble is a gripping read. Betty throws a red herring or two into the mix just to keep the reader on their toes.




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