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The Rhythm of RevengeTHE RHYTHM OF REVENGE
Christine Spindler
Hard Shell Word Factory

"Inside, safe from the world that bothered her with its manifold demands, she switched on the light and raised her feet in turn to remove the overshoes. On the wall opposite the box office hung the poster of their new production, Taming of the Shoe. With a few brushstrokes, Alan had portrayed her in mid-dance-her swirling bob of black hair, her dark eyes and ivory complexion, her slender body in a red mini dress. Magically, he had also captured the thrill that suffused her when she danced."

Twenty two year old Jessica Warner is thought by many to be a spoiled brat, however few of the people who think they know her are aware that the young woman carries a heavy burden from her childhood. It is a burden not easy to bear at this or any age.

Evocative of the 'rough around the edges' Eve Dallas gracing the pages of Holiday in Death by J. D. Robb, Jessica Warner moves through the pages of Christine Spindler's first in the "Inspector Terry Series." The reader is drawn into the tale from the opening pages and is held in Jessica's grasp as tightly as she holds the characters appearing with her in the book. This inaugural mystery by writer Christine Spindler is a 'can't put it down' read.

The torment felt by Jessica is manifest from the opening pages and the maddened behavior of her antagonist almost overwhelms the reader. Jessica's husband's desperate need to find and rescue her is something we who also care for another can quickly recognize. The interwoven personal issues played out between the characters lead the reader on a merry chase to discover just who this antagonist may be. Inspector Terry uses his master sleuthing ability to sort out the mystery surrounding Jessica's disappearance.

The complex thriller by this young German native gives the reader a view of the human situation at it worst and best. Her vivid account draws the reader into the tale from the opening page. Here is another writer with a clear comprehension of the obsessive mien manifesting itself in a seemingly benign personage. Writer Spindler uses her cognizance to present a character so threatening in her antagonist that the reader feels compelled to get up and check to be sure all the doors are locked. From the long suffering husband, to the various members of the dance troupe and Inspector Terry himself, Spindler's characters are innovative, believable and well thought out.

The Rhythm of Revenge offers the reader another glimpse inside the mind of a beset, deranged individual who exploits obsession in a most horrifying manner. As in Charlotte Lacey's first mystery thriller 'Traitorous Intent,' the reader soon discovers how abruptly besotted idolization becomes equally obsessed and filled senseless hostility and the need for seeking revenge.

I am pleased to know Christine has many more Inspector Terry mysteries in mind. The Rhythm of Revenge is a narrative that will seize your interest from the opening page and will clench you tight right on down to the last page. Intensely perceptive and well recommended.

Faces of FearFACES OF FEAR
Christine Spindler
Hard Shell Word Factory

Patricia Miles finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage. Her husband Danny appears to have little interest in life other than his hobby of astronomy. Danny Mile's absorption for astrophysical matters coupled with his almost total detachment from Trish are causing her enormous anguish. Trish's loneliness drives her into the arms of a former college professor while her phobic fear of butterflies causes Trish to seek the services of Dr. Joy Canova. Hidden to Trish is the fact that Dr. Canova's patients have begun to fall victim to an unbalanced murderer. Inspector Terry is once more on the case in this intricate tracery of obscurity, murder and a skate along the edges of rationality.

One more superb offering by writer Spindler FACES OF FEAR is the second in her 'Inspector Terry' series. The chronicle is an opulent concoction filled with charismatic people who are beleaguered with the warts and bumps that shape us as individuals. Each of German born Christine Spindler's characters is believable, and is easy to like or to at least develop empathy with for their plight in life. Even the sinister murderer is a character hard to dislike. The several separate strands of the narrative are ingeniously woven together to form a gripping account which will hold the reader's interest from start to finish.

Suggestive of the drama found in 'Since All Is Passing' by Elizabeth Delisi and filled with the passion offered by Iris Leach in 'No Good Without You'

FACES OF FEAR is a 'keep you turning the page' read. The distress exhibited by Trish is obvious and credible. Dr. Canova's desperation driven behavior keeps us sitting on the edge of the seat. Trish's new lover, Lionel, (Leo) Croft divorced his former wife because she had a drinking problem. Neither the besotted woman nor her former husband have a clue as to the torment suffered by Cameron their only child. The interlaced personal issues as Dr. Canova attempts to help her patients work through their phobias even as she is sorting our her own hidden gremlins are to be found in this complex, well wrought thriller by this previously published writer. Spindler's adroitness for the interaction that takes place between people and her eloquent account absorb the reader right into the anecdote.

Excellent, captivating read. Highly recommended.





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