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The Quest for Gillians HeartThe Quest For Gillian's Heart
by Catherine Snodgrass
LTD Books
HIGHLY recommended

Gillian's husband is killed when a savage Norse group attack their land. The Vikings are on their way to Iceland when they make a stop in Ireland. Andor's wife is lost, Gillian's village is ransacked, she is taken prisoner and faces a life of slavery. Her desperation for saving her unborn child prompts Gillian to agree to marriage with the savage Andor. The relationship between the inflexible, apprehensive Gillian and Andor who is as distrusting and determined as his new wife is fraught with predictable tension. The melding of two divergent cultures causes more than a little pressure and mistrust as Gillian and Andor fashion a life for themselves.

The Quest For Gillian's Heart is an entertaining historical romance filled with lusty characters, adventuresome Viking's and lots of action. Writer Snodgrass handles the blending of two cultures complete with varying customs and beliefs between her main characters with ease. The intense emotion and developing romance between Gillian and Andor are suggestive of the tale wrought by Diana Garcia in Stardust. Snodgrass has crafted an entertaining, fast paced work filled with plausible well developed characters, believable circumstances and a rich tapestry of feelings. This page turner grips the reader from the outset and holds tight as Gillian and Andor begin a life neither of them anticipated.

Gillian's mistrust of Andor and his people is something we can identify with, Andor's suspicions are as predictable. The mounting tension between the pair is palpable and creditable. Writer Snodgrass has produced a fine historical romance well worth the read.




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