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Mabel & The Thursday Afternoon Discussion GroupMABEL & THE THURSDAY AFTERNOON
Lloyd Shue

What an enchanting little book! Each of the five anecdotes in this just under 14,000 word narrative introduces in depth another of the Thursday Afternoon Discussion group. In this droll look at Miss Mable and her cohorts author Shue has captured the tongue in cheek delivery to a T.

Anecdote one, 'Tea Cup,' centers around Lou Anne's missing tea cup and we soon come to realize that Mable and her family; sister Betsie and brother Daniel are prone to 'borrow' things. Mable is left now and then to try to set right the mischief carried out by those in her family.

'Roberts Rules,' Anecdote two finds a determined Agnes, the maverick of the group setting out to bring a little order to the group meetings while Anecdote three, 'The Message' introduces the not very likable, scripture quoting, husband of Gertrude the long suffering parson's wife. Mable skillfully persuades the Rev. that buying his wife a nice new set of china is the better part of valor.

'Bygones,' Anecdote four finds the ladies aided by the Rev in an attempt to persuade Mable and Betsie's bachelor brother Daniel and widowed Lou Ann into renewing their old high school romance. The book closes with Anecdote five, 'The Election,' in which the Thursday Discussion Group meets on Friday just before Agnes makes a run for the office of mayor.

This highly entertaining chronicle is a nice little lazy afternoon read. Tennessee resident Shue has captured the flavor of 'Miss Marple' and has done her justice in his portrayal of the elderly Mable and sister Betsie. Each of the ladies in the Thursday Discussion Group is a delight worth getting to know. MABEL & THE THURSDAY AFTERNOON DISCUSSION GROUP IS most enjoyable, highly recommended.




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