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HoneyberryThe Honeyberry's 'Nessie Highland Fling'
John L Roper
Hard Shell Word Factory

Teddy Honeyberry receives an assignment from work carrying him to Scotland to look for 'nessie berries.' Teddy is told he may take his wife Sugar and sons Nestle and Hershey with him. The boys are budding guitarists who make up in volume what they lack in expertise. The noisy guitars cause the Honeyberry's to be told to leave their Inn and soon they find themselves confronted with fisherman Angus MaNamara who has been capsized and crawled ashore. Angus takes the Honeyberry's home with him for the night.

While Teddy is gone the boys break out their guitars and soon find themselves facing 'Nessie.' All ends well with Angus hoping for another sighting of Nessie; he has hopes for making a fortune, and the Honeyberry's home to their own neighborhood.

A delightful tale, The Honeyberry's 'Nessie Highland Fling' is sure to appeal to kiddies. The vocabulary is a bit advanced and The Honeyberry's 'Nessie Highland Fling' will be a read to for the 4-8 set, and a read alone for the strong reader at about age 9. Interest level is for the 4-9 set. Illustrations are plentiful, there were 21 and well done. This is a chapter book having 15 clearly defined chapters.

I had initial problems trying to open the icon, if others have the same problems publisher may want to consider another format. Vocabulary is a mite advanced, however this should prove to be no major detriment whether used in the home or classroom. The book will fit well in the upper primary, lower middle grades reading program. Teachers and school media folks will no doubt find the book entertaining and often chosen for 'free reading' time.

Well recommended.




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