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Oliver BugginsOliver Buggins Investigator?
Gillian Richardson
Illustrator: Cheryl Coville
Electric eBook Publishing

Oliver, part bloodhound, and his family the Buggins' have moved to the country. Oliver's boy, Thomas, and he soon find things are very different than what they were in the city. The first morning Oliver meets Jeremy and Jackson, crows, who take him under their wing so to say. Before long Oliver and Thomas find themselves facing some very mysterious doings. Dad loses his screwdriver, Mom loses her earrings, Oliver and Thomas are convinced the neighboring barn is haunted. Oliver is a bit embarrassed that Thomas insists upon introducing him as Investigator, he is part blood hound you know.

Oliver Buggins Investigator? is a marvelous first chapter book written for children in upper Primary to lower Middle Grades. It is a 'read to' book for the younger set. There are just enough illustrations to help the reader keep oriented, it is not a picture book for the 3 to 7 group. Writer Richardson has created a whole group of delightful critter characters. Children are sure to enjoy and identify with the problems Oliver and Thomas encounter. Richardson has created a well crafted mystery in Oliver Buggins Investigator? not an easy task to accomplish in a children's book given the limitations of vocabulary. Admirable job well done! This book should have great appeal for school library, classroom and home use as well. 'Read to' ages 3-7, Read Alone upper Primary - Lower Middle Grades

Highly recommended.




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