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Eugenia M Renskoff
Denlinger's Publishers & Bookstore

Ana a 27 year old woman lives with her parents in San Francisco. An Argentinian by birth Ani opts to go stay with her mother's sister for a time following the aunties' becoming a widow. Ani learns her Tia is being evicted from the home where she and Tio Jose lived for so many years. Ani stays with her aunt for a year during which time she begins to work with one of the charitable groups at her Tia's church and finds she is drawn to the young priest. Ani returns to San Francisco when she learns her father is dying. Not long after her Russian born Father's death Ani returns to Argentina in time to help her auntie find a suitable new home.

This was an interesting book written in first person style. The format is one which finds a good bit of author information listed first, suggestion move to the back of the book. The particular format for this book is a little different than many I have read a list of 41 chapters allow the reader to click on and find the particular place where he may have stopped reading.

Writer Renkoff has produced an absorbing book filled with entertaining and mostly believable characters. I did find Ani a bit too nave for an American girl, while born in Argentina, Ani has been raised in California since childhood. Even in the most sheltered of homes it is hard for this California gal to be convinced so innocent a 27 year old would come from that state.

The book is a pleasant read touching on the day to day lives of rather average people trying to live and make sense of the world around them. Entertaining, recommended for those who are not into graphic sex and profanity.




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