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Jump Start Your Writing CareerJump Start Your Writing Career
by S. Joan Popek

Author Popek presents an excellent work of 21 chapters separated into seven parts and every one is crammed with great information referring to opportunities to be found through electronic publishing. Jump Start provides a wealth of data relating to self promotion, writer's block, word count, where story ideas come from and cyberspace the new frontier to mention a few of the chapter subjects. Writer Popek asks the all important question, 'do you really want to be published' in chapter 1 before she goes on to walk you through the procedure from idea to finished product. This successful, well respected writer knows whereof she speaks.

Along with an abundance of truly helpful information regarding ePublishing, Popek adds some of her delightful flash fiction stories and short stories to the mix. Writer Popek can be counted on to provide easily understood, valuable, highly needed information on the at times mysterious subject of ePublishing. Puzzlement of the oft difficult to comprehend electronic rights and copyrights are both presented in straight forward, easily digested manner for both the newbie or more experienced writer. If you are now or have thought you might be in the market for an agent, Popek's chapter on the subject will aid both the novice and more accomplished to writing as she explains why agents do or do not work as hoped for for the writer. Popek's addition of a number of online sites as click on links help the reader explore the world of ePublishing in a painless manner.

Popek is an accomplish writer who is known for her ability to craft a well designed work filled with good writing and interesting presentation. Jump Start is another in a series of fine offerings by writer Popek.

Highly recommended.




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