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Killing The BossKilling the Boss
Brian Pinkerton
Writers Club Press


Kitchen Works Inc is the site of a horrific murder. The book opens with a news headline blaring 'KitchenWorks vice president found slain in office.' Vice President of the company Douglas Dardis has been bludgeoned and left for dead in his office. Office tension is laid as a cause for the death. That first death is followed by that of sales manager Wallace Cleveland, Wally has had a heart attack. A shootout at the Drake Hotel leaves a policeman dead and the police department taking another good long look at the KitchenWorks deaths.

Writer Pinkerton has presented an imaginative manner of writing. This is not a story in the usual sense as we view the pages filled with 'office' memos, police evidence files, 'news reports,' and the like. From the opening news article in which we read of the death of the first of the KitchenWorks folks right down to the final Company Memo welcoming a new President to the company we are carried along with the police as they decipher the case.

"Killing The Boss" is an exciting, fast paced narrative that will have the reader turning page after page to see what it is that they will find on the next. Pinkerton's characters emerge as fully developed through the memo's and police reports. There is little actual dialogue, which does not detract at all from the tale. The various pieces of 'evidence' are more than enough to flesh out the characters and situations. You may be surprised at the ending!

Watch those red herrings. Pinkerton will catch you off guard if you are not careful. Good read.




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