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The Ugly Man's GuideThe Ugly Man's Guide To Picking Up Women
by Mark Patton
BRG Publishing

Mark Patton presents 21 chuckle filled chapters ranging in topic from appearance to insecurity to dating, premarital sex and ultimately to marriage. The realistic Patton leads off in chapter one with a promise 'for all you dimwits who say, "I'm not going to change my appearance. If women don't like me the way I am, they can find someone else." Well guess, what? They already have.' The book moves right on in that same cheerful vein as writer Patton provides good down to earth advice on everything regarding the man, woman relationship. He suggests practical methods for improving the appearance, the necessity for honesty in relationships, and offers his views for why kissing is probably more important than sex. Patton offers suggestions for the Don'ts of Dating along with suggestions for the kinds of things women actually do enjoy doing on dates. Chapter 20, Patton's thoughts on marriage bring the book to a conclusion.

This is a well written guide composed by a self proclaimed 'ugly man' man (married) for men. Patton's engaging writing style is easily followed and I found myself laughing aloud more than once. For all of his bluntness and no beating around the bush manner regarding every aspect of meeting, bedding and possibly marrying the woman of your choice; Patton has a real good handle on the best reason for marriage. In his opinion the only reason to marry is because the two of you feel you want to be together for the rest of your lives. Patton must follow his own advice, he claims to look as though he lost in a hatchet fight, many photos are sprinkled throughout the book; all of them show Patton with a paper sack over his head. He states further that he and his wife of a decade are happy, raising a family of young kiddies and have no plans for change. Entertaining read; Highly recommended.




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