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Unfamilier TerritoryUnfamiliar Territory
Nina Osier


Renata Colby enjoys puzzles. She is going to love Sacorra 6; it is a real conundrum. Colby a nearing middle-aged environmental scientist for the Council of Worlds is set to visit Sacorra 6 where no life forms appear on any of the most sophisticated scanners available. The Harimi piloted shuttle in which Colby and her much younger coxswain are traveling crashes into unbelievable cold on Sacorra 6. The Harimi have great plans for the planet, plans which should face no opposition since there are no life forms present. It does not take Colby long to realize this assessment is in error as she and MacKenzie are rescued by descendants of Terran colonists who have lived here for several centuries. The Harimi plan to alter the planets climatic pattern has set in place a series of unforeseen repercussions.

Colby and MacKenzie find themselves first rescued then forced to conform to the mores and taboos of Terran society. It is not an unpleasant existence, however it is not one either the Admiral or her Jr. Officer had anticipated.

Unfamiliar Territory writer Osier is a prolific author who has eleven books under her belt and is busy on yet another. The world she has created on Sacorra 6 and peopled with credible characters is at once understandable and plausible. The frustrations felt by Colby as she and MacKenzie struggle to fit into the new society on Sacorra 6 are ones the reader can easily understand.

Take a little Orson Scott Card and mix well with a heavy dollop of romantic intrigue and you will have a bit of the flavor of Unfamiliar Territory. Author Osier's fast paced work grips the reader from the opening paragraph. Dialogue is witty, scenes are well developed, characters are fleshed out. The bad guys are awful bums the reader will enjoy not liking at all while the good guys are ones you can really come to know and admire. Osier's attention to detail carries the reader right through the narrative until the end of the work.




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