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Dream TapestryDream Tapestry
by Claudia McCants
Writers Show Case iUniverse
Highly Recommended 5 stars

Thirteen year old PeeJay, Patricia Novak, is devastated when her beloved father Logan disappears. Josiah, Logan's father, PeeJay's grand dad, tries to fill some of the void for the little girl while he embarks on his own search into the disappearance. When PeeJay's mother succumbs to the cancer ravaging her body PeeJay feels especially alone. The only family she has left are Jackie's mother Margaret who is not a particularly lovey grandma and Josiah, Logan's dad.

Why her father left PeeJay and her mother when they needed him the most continues to trouble the youngster as she grows into adulthood and prepares to take over the family publishing business. Each year on her birthday PeeJay receives a lovely bouquet, the card reads love Daddy. Over time PeeJay begins to realize all is not quite as may seem at first glance, a box filled with her long absent father's belongings when his desk at the publishing house was emptied begins to unravel a little of the mystery.

Claudia McCants has produced a spellbinder in her Brave New Woman Mystery, DREAM TAPESTRY. The pain young PeeJay feels is palpable, her growing sense that something is not quite right draws the reader straight into the tale and continues on to the end of the book. Couple the quick pace used by William Manchee in his STAN BRASH series with the likeable group of actors found on the pages of Christine Spindler's Inspector Terry series for an idea of the excellent reading to be found in DREAM TAPESTRY.

Writer McCants has filled her pages with believable, well developed characters who might well be people you believe you may have met. DREAM TAPESTRY is a well written, deftly crafted tale sure to please the most discerning.




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