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Elder RageElder Rage or Take My Father….. Please
Jacqueline Marcell
Impressive Press

Highly Recommended

This is a documentary of 16 chapters filled with the trials and heartache borne by a daughter as she watched the inexorable toll time takes on aged parents. The continuing dementia suffered by both of Marcell's parents is made far worse by the successful past manipulative actions of the author's father.

Writer Marcell writes in a whimsical manner about a subject that is anything but humorous. To suddenly find yourself facing the tantrums, anger, rage of a four year old in the form of your beloved parent is not an easy thing. All of us who have lived to mid life have had to face some aspect of this situation in our parents and realize our children soon will be facing our waning years. While my own situation was nothing coming close to Marcell's as my parents aged, dementia did lessen their quality of life and caused many a tear for my siblings and myself as we watched helpless to stop the ravage of time.

"Elder Rage" offers some clear cut methods for recognizing what Alzheimer's disease entails. For far too many years dementia was the dirty little secret swept under the rug of guilt borne in silence by children who were thought to be less than loving to recognize that their parents were no longer able to care for themselves. Writer Marcell tells in plain text many of the awful situations dementia can lead both parent and child into even as she provides some good sensible advice. Marcell's problems and she handled them help the reader to assess when to seek help, how to best estimate the situation and how to make sure your realizations regarding your parent's state is not thwarted by that parent who is Jekyll one moment and Hyde the next.

This is a text for everyone who works in the elder care portion of society, and for every child who has an elderly parent…. Or one who is approaching that milestone in life. I plan to encourage both my young adult sons to read this book.




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