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Gruesome StewA Gruesome Stew (children's pop up book)
P Z Mann
Artist: Jim Harris
Paradise Press, Inc


This is a documentary of 16 chapters filled with the trials and heartache borne by a daughter Grigsby's older sis is the older sis you just don't want! "Gretchen was as nasty as a snake." Gretch the wretch with her trusty cookbook in hand directs Grigsby in the preparation of Gruesome stew. Warthog liver, toads, a dash of worms and glue; they are all in that stew.

This enchanting little book is sure to appeal to the 3 - 8 set. Girls and boys alike will enjoy shuddering their way through the description of the stew and will roar with laughter as the joke is revealed.

The vocabulary is a tad advanced, however both the 'read to' 3 - 5s and the 'read with some help' 7 and 8s will all relish the humor, rhyming and wonderful illustrations offered in this little volume.

This is a book I would use in my classroom and have just purchased four copies as gifts for the 'little folks' of our family.

One suggestion: a vocabulary list and target audience for the book would aid teachers, home schoolers, school media personnel and parents as they consider the book.




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