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I Am MeI Am Me
Jennifer LB Leese
Illustrator: C Iannaccone
Writers Exchange ePulishing

Appealing Read ... Recommended ... 4. 5 stars

Nica Jolee tells the reader about herself. She tells how Mama and Daddy wondered and wondered what she might look like, or what she might do before she was born. Then after she came they all found out she has some of Mommy's looks and some of Dad's, and she has some of Mommy's characteristics and some of Dad's. Her hair is one color but curly like the other parent, she enjoys doing some things she sees each of her parents doing. But, even with all of that Nica Jolee understands that she is very special and she is her own person. No one else is just like she. "I am me, and there is no one else like me."

Well-known writer Leese continues the talent that has brought her much acclaim in the writing world. "I Am Me" is an appealing tale of a little girl who recognizes that even though she has characteristics taken from each of her parents she is individual and she is her own unique self.

The PDF format I received has produced a very easily navigated work sure to please even the youngest readers. Little parent or teacher help will be necessary for youngsters to begin to use the eBook. Unlike many of the 'old style' works and despite being heavily illustrated with charming art work, the pages glide open in a nice smooth manner. Even the youngest user should quickly catch on to the symbols for moving pages ahead.

Vocabulary used by author Leese in the narrative is meant for beginning readers. "I Am Me" is a 'read to' for the youngest set 3-5, a read alone for the advanced 5s - 8, and "I'll read to my little brother/sister" for the 8-10 crowd.

"I Am Me" is sure to be a valuable addition to both the home and school library. The book is ideal for a classroom unit on self, self acceptance, and self awareness.

The only addition I might have like to have seen would be an attribute that neither Mommy nor Daddy possess, but perhaps great uncle joe liked to jig and so does Nica Jolee, or maybe she quirks her eyebrow as is seen in the picture of great great grand ma!

Enjoyed the read. Happy to recommend.

Mason Goes to the DentistMason Goes To The Dentist
by Jennifer LB Leese

Mason is going to the dentist for the very first time and he is more than a little nervous. With the help of his parents, the dentist and others, Mason discovers that the dentist visit is not so frightening as he had anticipated.

add a note stating your expected reading level, this is most helpful to parents and teachers for whom your book may have added appeal.

While I don't think Mason Goes To The Dentist will work as well in the school Kindergarten/First Grade level due to the fact that there are few illustrations and the language is a little advanced for tiny tots to read alone, the book should have value in the school setting. Ebooks do not lend themselves to whole room reading time as easily as do print books, however I do believe teachers of 2d and 3d grades will be able to use this particular work to advantage as they look for materials to add to their 'dental unit.' In situations especially where little guys and an 'older' student tutor work together in the classroom the book should fit right into the program with the 2d or 3d grader reading the story to the K or 1 grade kiddo.

Mason Goes To The Dentist is well written and presents dental health concepts in manner children will understand. I like the glossary of terms at the end of the book, and the page of links so children may 'surf the net' for similar and added materials.




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