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Iris Leach
Deadly Kisses Books

Ruby Sullivan is distraught following the apparent suicide of her beloved older brother John. In her anguish she sends word to John's long time friend and her former lover Brecon D'Arth that he is needed at Hawkstone. Set in Australia this gripping tale pulls the reader right into the story from the opening lines and holds them fast right to the last page. Ruby, a writer of crime novels, is convinced her sister in law Silvia must not be allowed to take remove John's adopted son Robbie from the mansion and will do almost anything to keep the greedy woman satisfied with staying.

After his arrival it does not take Brecon long to realize something is not right in the household. Silvia's conniving ways, the death of another sattelite member of the household, Ruby's agent, and a general feeling of unrest convince him all does meet the eye. Robbie and Ruby disappear just before Brecon makes a discovery which nearly leads to his own death.

The consternation felt by Ruby is unmistakable and her desperation to protect Robbie at all cost is something we who care for a child can all identify with. The personal issues lying between Brecon and Ruby threaten to sever their relationship entirely until the pair face the reality of their emotional tie. Writer Leach's deftness for the human situation and her expressive writing invite the reader right into the tale. This Australia grandmother of four presents a group of very believable characters so plausible they seem to be people we have known.

NO GOOD WITHOUT YOU offers the reader a glimpse inside a group determined by cupidity and greed who will stop at nothing to meet their own desires.

This is Iris Leach's second romantic thriller. It is rated as R due to some graphic sex which in no way detracts from the excellent writing this author is capable of producing. NO GOOD WITHOUT YOU is a narrative that will seize your attention from the opening page and will carry you right on down to the last line. Very perceptive tale and highly recommended.




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