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Jackie's WeekJackie's Week
David LaGraff
Word Beams
Highly recommended 5 stars

Six months ago Jackie was brutally attacked and had her car stolen by a vicious thug. Since that time she has been terrified she will again be attacked by the lout. Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Jackie has been hiding out in a rented apartment. With the help of her younger sister and Donna's husband Beanie Jackie begins to break free from her trauma. A chance meeting leads to help from a most unexpected source. The week from the time Jackie begins therapy until the thwarting of her attacker find Jackie becoming a different person.

"Jackie's Week" is a fast moving little thriller. Writer LaGraff has crafted a well written narrative centered around an all to common occurrence in our modern society. Physical violence brought undertaken by a stranger is something many living in large cities have come to accept almost as 'normal' or 'predictable.' Jackie's fear following the brutal attack is something we can feel and understand. It is the reaction to be expected given the circumstance. While Jackie's method for solving her problem is not one accepted in most circles, it is certainly effective. LaGraff handles dialogue, characters and transition with ease. The reader is hooked from the opening line and is held breathless right down to the finish. It is impossible to not like these characters whether they are the good or the sleazy.




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