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The PlantationThe Plantation 1st in a Thriller Series
Chris Kuzneski
Writer's Showcase

"What do you want from me," that scream torn from the throat of terrorized Robert Edwards as he is captured by the group of hooded figures chasing him set the scene for unspeakable panic. "The Plantation" opens in Colorado with the capture of Edwards, within hours 18 prisoners, men and women and even a child or two who are unknown to one another find themselves in the control of a group they do not know. The largest mistake made by the diabolical leader is snatching Ariane Walker. She is the love of Jonathon Payne's life and this former Navy special forces MANIAC member will not rest until she is found. Employing all the skills he learned as a MANIAC team member Payne and his closest friend David Jones set out to find Ariane. A trip to New Orleans proves productive as the pair slowly unravel the astonishing reality behind Louisiana's most brutal enigma as well as the conundrum surrounding Ariane's kidnapping. Neither hers nor the abductions of the others was a random act, they are the result of careful plotting bent upon revenge from one harboring a twisted sense of retribution. From Colorado to Plantation Isle near New Orleans and on to Lagos, Nigeria the tale moves with breakneck speed.

Writer Kuzneski sets for a puissant read right from those opening pages set in Colorado. His writing is hard hitting, brittle and never stops. Lively characters filled with a full gamut of emotions, nonstop action, and an important plot twist all add to the reader's enjoyment. "The Plantation" is a gripping, at times downright scary, powerful read . Writer Kuzneski has a certifiable talent for blending together crisp dialogue, credible characters and scenes of immense depth. Combine the twists and turns of a Stephen King chiller with William Manchee's flowing dialogue and eye for detail and you will have some idea of the scope of Writer Kuzneski's power.

Kuzneski's heavily researched work is based in large part upon what he discovered regarding the treatment of those held as slaves in the United States during the years leading up to the war during the 1860s. Kuzneski states that to assure himself a complete understanding he read not only accounts by former slaves, but as many plantation owner documents as he found in archives. This action-packed thriller will keep the reader on the edge of the seat as you race from opening paragraph to the last page of the book. Not for a lazy summer read in the hammock or a rainy dark evening when you are alone!

Highly Recommended for those who enjoy chilling thrills.




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