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Deat on the Cliff WalkDeath on The Cliff Walk
Mary Kruger
Hard Shell Word Factory

Another maid has been found laying death on the cliff walk. Or is she, maid that is. Detective Matt Devlin realizes the woman wearing the maid's uniform has hands much to soft that of a maid. Devlin is thrown together with one of the inhabitants of the 'cottages' to solve this puzzling mystery. Brooke Cassidy and he had been childhood friends before the death of her parents to a carriage accident and Brooke leaving Newport Rhode Island for New York City. Now Brook is back and living as the ward of her wealthy realitives, the Olmsteads. When the clues point to Uncle Henry as the murderer Matt has no choice but to arrest him. Brook's tenacity coupled with Matt's investigative ability uncover the killer, but not before another woman falls prey to mad man.

What an interesting tale. Set in 1895 this suspense filled historical novel is a gripping tale filled with interesting characters and plenty of uncertainty. Brooke is a sensible young woman who cannot simply live the life of the idle rich. Rather she is determined to help solve the case. I've know people like this girl! Matt Devlin is the perfect foil to Brooke's headstrong determination. I hope this is not the only book in which we will find Matt Devlin and Brooke Cassidy working together to solve a perplexing case.




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