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The Evil OneThe Evil One
Louise Klement

Cassie McDermott determines to take her five year old brother, or is he, and return home to New Mexico where she hopes to find the father she has not seen in years. Life with mom, a drug abusing, child abusing, hooker has become too much to bear. Cassie is filled with resolve to get herself and Ethan completely away from her and the continuing abuse they have suffered. Cassie disappears and Ethan, bright despite not being able to speak is suddenly alone in a motel room with only a card bearing the name of RN now secretary Solana Rodriguez. Rodriguez just happens to work for PI Trent Matthews. Between Solana and Matthews' daughter Jen the two women convince Trent that they must begin hunting for Cassie right away. Their appetite for action is augmented by the fact that a serial killer of pretty young blondes has already struck their area many times in the past. Cassie is another pretty young blonde.

Toss in a 'seer' who suffers nosebleeds when she has visions induced by The Evil One to round out the cast of characters found in this excellent suspense filled tale. She is only able to extinguish the hold The Evil One has over her as she sketches the gruesome details of what this vile creature has in store for The Innocent Ones he lures in order to 'set them free.'

The Evil One offered by Louise Klement is a chilling, page turner that will keep you riveted from the opening paragraph straight through to the end of the book. Writer/Reviewer Klement, well known for her 'Sallie Mae' series has crafted a gripping roller coaster of chills and excitement for the reader in her suspenseful horror work. Most disconcerting for me personally as I read the account: The Evil One embraces a madman's theme which has been found in real life as a demented character decides to do the impossible for those he has decided need his help. BRRRR! Now THAT is a frightening notion. Do not want to meet this one in an open field on a clear day much less in a dark alley.

The Evil One serial killer introduced by Klement will turn your blood cold as you read of the doings of this unbalanced psychotic. Each of the various characters you will meet in The Evil One are plausible, engage in believable, animated dialogue and are plagued with the same human flaws as beset all of us. The concerns shown for Cassie and Ethan are ones we can feel and understand.

Klement combines a darn good mystery with suspense filled horror in this well written narrative. Caution: This is NOT a nice little rainy evening by the fire when you are home all by yourself novel.




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