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Wild TemptationWild Temptation
Ruth D Kerce
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It is June 1868 in Wyoming when Skylar Davenport is horrified to find her friends George and Edna Harper have been killed. When Sheriff Logan refuses to mount a posse and go after the murderer Skye vows to find him herself. Logan is hardpressed to persuade Skylar that this not the best plan. Before long a missing cameo, Wade Sinclair and the scar Skylar bears on her cheek all figure in the ascending story. Wade and Skylar each harbor suspicions that the other is responsible for the deaths of the Harpers. Before long the pair find they are drawn to one another as much from necessity as desire. Desire is not long in following however. At length the true killer is unmasked and a good old time shootout rids the town of any more problem from that quarter.

Wild Temptation is an enjoyable Western caper. Writer Kerce has produced a page turner of a wild west romp packed with in-depth character portrayal and a excellently written storyline. Occupied with lots of double crossing polecats plus enough sizzling romance to keep it interesting Wild Temptation is one work you will not want to put down until the last paragraph is reached. Writer Kerce introduces a group of well developed, powerful characters sure to hold the interest of the most discerning reader. Skylar with her fierce protection of her sister Beth is a determined woman who at times allows intrepidity to outrun common sense. We are drawn into the struggles between Skylar and Wade through their romantic story in this action packed tale awash with machination, romance, gunslingers, a shootout, women treated with scorn, and drunks. On the pages of Wild Temptation Writer Kerce and her vivid narration bring to life the at times scabrous strife found in The Old West.

The reader will be drawn into Wild Temptations rich tapestry offered through author Kerce's portrayal, language and sizzling sexual tension between Wade and Skylar from the opening lines and will be carried along on a wild, breathless ride to the last paragraph. Kerce's secondary characters are well thought out, and add a delightful sense of drama and added dimension to the tale.




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