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Gilda, a writer and her brother Clive share an analyst. Gilda is unaware that he has been babbling the family secrets when she sets off on a book tour. Daughter Dora begins then ends an affair with Gilda's old flame Niko before she and his son Dan draw closer to one another. The pair have known one another since childhood but have not been romantically inclined. Dora knows there is a secret surrounding her mother, she is determined to try to discover what it is.

Clive and his young sweety Tania are long time friends of Niko's. Niko and his son Dan are attempting to sort out their at times turbulent relationship when Dan comes up shot dead while painting a picture of Tania. Tania commissioned the painting as a surprise for Clive. From these intertwined relationships comes a tale of passion, intrigue, promises made and broken, and perhaps even a bit of manic dependence. The police try hard to unravel the mystery but find themselves unable to do much with the evidence at hand. The one bright spot for Gilda and Dora is the birth of Dora's baby Sophie.

In her work Guilt Emma Kaufman has produced a slice of life type drama filled with absorbing situations, entertaining characters and engaging life experience. The angst Dora feels in her relationship with her mother is one many of us understand completely. The awful little family secret theme is one most of us have experienced to one extent or another. The reader is drawn into the tale from the outset when Dora seduces Mom's friend. It is only later that we realize how significant this action has been. Kaufman presents her characters as well developed humans full of life, angst, desire for happiness and many of the same frailties and warts as beset us all.

Guilt holds the reader's attention with Kaufman's well honed attention to detail. Kaufman paints a tapestry of sights, sounds, scents and feelings as the reader is moved along to the inevitable conclusion.

Not for everyone. Those who are looking for a breezy little bit of froth will not enjoy this thought provoking work. Good read for those who like a bit of intrigue and deeper meaning in their reading.




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