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Sara SpringbornSara Springborn and Mr Wollo Bushtail
William Crow Johnson
Writers Club

Highly Recommended

In the forest Wollo Bushtail has come to the end of his days and in the tradition of his people has called together a concave of forest dwellers to discuss the matter. Following the chat Wollo will go stand on the street where he will meet his fate. Those who come to listen to Wollo's final speech include Snavely Silver Tongue, Fang, Largo Jone and Wollo's other life long companions.

As with many human designs Wollo's expected demise does not come about as planned. Before long the Bushtail finds himself caught up in the midst of a devious scheme involving his new found friend Sara, the Addicto Chip Conspiracy and Huge Mart. The pair meet the president following a trip to Washington DC aboard the presidential helicopter and all is settled to the satisfaction of most.

This highly entertaining work presented by writer Johnson should have great appeal to youngsters in the middle grades and junior high school age group. "Sara Springborn and Mr Wollo Bushtail" is a highly readable narrative filled with a great many fascinating characters, well thought out plot and predicament to be resolved.

That writer Johnson understands kids of his target age is apparent in his delightful names for critters and human characters. Johnson's choice of appellations are sure to tickle the funny bone of young readers. He presents a bit of thinking and moral dilemma couched in a highly enjoyable manner in this excellently crafted work.

"Sara Springborn and Mr Wollo Bushtail" draws the reader into the tale from the opening line and keeps the attention focused with skillful dialogue, situation and just plain fun. Action moves in rapid fashion as Sara and Wollo work to solve the puzzle of the conspiracy. This book reminds me very much of the 1979 Wyeth book, 'The Stray.' The story is not the same, the quality and enjoyment is. My then eight year old read 'The Stray' and it was long his favorite book.

When I received "Sara Springborn and Mr Wollo Bushtail" to read for review I asked my now thirty year old son to also read the book. His feeling is as mine: "Sara Springborn and Mr Wollo Bushtail" has captured that wonderful quality we found in the Wyeth book. Perhaps twenty two years from now "Sara Springborn and Mr Wollo Bushtail" will also appear as a fond memory in another review. I am delighted to recommend "Sara Springborn and Mr Wollo Bushtail".




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