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Twelve Tiny TalesTwelve Tiny Tales
Theresa Jodray
Illustrations: Theresa Jodray and Amanda Aneas


This is a set of 12 tiny tales told in poetry with photographs to go along with the stories. Writer Jodray has set down the tales her Mom told to her as poetic remembrance of her mother. The twelve tiny tales encompass the twelve months of the year beginning in January with The Weatherman Predicts More Snow, on through February, March and to April with one of my favorites. The Tugboat and The Submarine is a sweet thought presented in gentle manner: "Two ships pass in the somber sea…We all come here created with special gifts to share… No one's just like you. You're a special unique machine."

Another of my especially liked is the July offering: Boris is a Tabby Cat. Boris struggled as the other cats laughed in hysteria; she was a girl with a boys' name. At last Boris told the gigglers: she was sent to share the life of a little boy "My life it has a purpose until he's big and strong. I was sent from God above to carry on his grandma's love." Lovely sentiment for a child grieving the death of a beloved grandparent.

The photography found in this little book is an added delight. I found the illustrations for Beware Little Darlings and Just Can't wait to be especially endearing.

Writer/poet Jodray has produced an especially delightful set of poems and illustrations sure to delight the younger set. These are poems I would use in my classroom.

This is a 'read to' book for children 3-6. A read with help for the 6-8 set.

The Psychic SoulThe Psychic Soul
by Theresa Jodray
SynergEBooks, 2001

Highly Recommended

From the poignant refrain found in the opening ode Land of the Deceased, to the 'Sienna sierra set before my weary eyes' beauty of the last sonnet Beautiful Sunday Glorious Day, The Psychic Soul offers the reader a rich tapestry of sights, colors, scents and emotions. The piquant perkiness filling BRRRR is balanced with the depth found in the roundel Alaskan Landscape. The stanzas offer the reader a peek into the day of the poet as she trudges out into the ice and snow of that frosty land with her coffee in hand, dogs by her side and camera at the ready.

Walking Lightly Across Glass brings the reader another view into the poet's mien with the haunting line 'trying to make you understand.' Lyrical Crimson Sky Bleeds Before Me is rich in colors, transporting the reader to stand beside the poet as we gaze out into the vista before us.

In The Psychic Soul Poet/Photographer Jodray has produced a delightful edition of twenty three works of written art and photos to fill both the heart and vision of the reader. Jodray comes by her poetic bent naturally. She says her mother was also a poet and Jodray has set the words filling her head down on paper since childhood. Completed with exquisite photographs taken by this accomplished artist each well crafted verse composition found in The Psychic Soul is accompanied by one of Jodray's wonderful photographs taken in her present home of Alaska or from her extensive travel over the years.

Accomplished writer Jodray has produced 4 books to date, writes for a number of on line submission sites, has a new book 'coming soon' and can be found with her camera or pen at the ready at any given moment. To learn more about Poet/Photographer Theresa Jodray you may visit her AuthorsDen site




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