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Blueprint for RevengeBlueprint For Revenge
Martine Jardin
Zumaya Publications

Highly Recommended

'Johanna, RN, has no idea how her life is going to change when she finds herself the possessor of a castle. Johanna had no inkling at all that her grandmother owned the castle and now Johanna is the heir to the Swiss palace. News reporter Tristan McDonald is drawn to Johanna when he interviews her re her manor. He hides his feelings when he discovers she is engaged to be married.

Hard on the heels of her grandmother's death Johanna marries Paul Blake and the pair set off to explore Johanna's estate. Paul is soon grumbling and Johanna seems to have the flu.

Tristan McDonald uncovers evidence proving that Paul is not all that he seems and travels to Switzerland to warn Johanna. Paul disappears, Johanna is near death and it is months before she recovers. When she does she and several of her coworker friends return to Switzerland to try to unravel the peculiar circumstances Johanna has experienced. Strange happenings, secret panels and corridors, ghostly presence, a murder attempt all envelope Johanna and her nurse buddies before the mystery is solved.

In "Blueprint For Revenge" Writer Jardin has written an intriguing narrative filled with well developed characters, a well wrought plot and plausible outcome. The castle is described in great detail right down to the dusty hidden passageways and melancholy secret's held within the walls of the palace. Jardin tantalizes the reader with a tapestry of imagined sights, scents and situations as she weaves a tale through and around what most of us daydream at some time in our lives.

"Blueprint For Revenge is filled with predictable gritty determination on Johanna's part as she deals with the man who would betray her. The castle and it's hidden secrets, Paul's deception, Tristan's devotion are all portrayed in very believable fashion. Dialogue is hard hitting, fast paced and credible.

Jardin proves her skill as a writer as she draws the reader into the tale from the opening paragraph and keeps attention held tight right down to the last lines.
Entertaining read.




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